"... a post-movie movie" amazing portraiture... incredible luminosity" ... "that sense of intensified presence that is genius of the medium"  There is more in Zero the Fool than in five other movies, and that's pretty special. (Take One)

"A winner no more than ZERO" ... It is in a sense a postmovie movie... It is difficult to verbalize the amazing portraiture of this film.  Markson's camera picks up an incredible luminosity from the faces of his performers and translates that luminosity into images of classic simplicity, yet, also of intense expressiveness.   The interplay of the pure and beautiful images and the emotional intensity of the performances generates an energy that for me, at least, is precisely what film is about. The role-playing of the characters within the film, their attempts to relate to one another, to the audience, and to the film itself as it is in the process of coming into being, creates that sense of intensified presence that is genius of the medium. (Michigan Daily)

Gerald S. Cogan, Penelope, Daniel Grigg
Natasha Dudarev,                                      Robert Ladouceur, Beverly Webster
Production, Direction, Camera, Edit
Morley Markson

Tom Burger 

Sound Mix
Fred Sengmueller,  Film Sound Services

Scenario improvised by the Filmmaker, Penelope,  Daniel Grigg, Gerald Cogan.

Pathe-Humphries, Toronto,  Crawley Labs, Ottawa
Cutting: Ursula Sebb
Psychedelic Consultant: Dr. Fibonacci
Titles: Film Opticals Limited

The Somerset Asylum, Ottawa,               Doctor Ted Schafer
Graphic Films Limited
The Canada Council
Lawrence Goldblatt

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Release 1969

Black and white, 74 minutes.
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