Look up above yourself, down below, in front of you, behind you, everywhere you can see,    WonderWorlds interactive creates immense, virtual, three-dimensional spaces totally surrounding you with moving, living imagery of nature,  astronomy, technology. All the arts. People in action. Everything.

Even more: with WonderWorlds, you can create your own realtime moving worlds of pure fantasy. Turn on an immense sphere, your own planet, colour it, give it power, make movements within it, make it move according to your desires, give it sound, give it life... take the controls, surround it with a sky full of stars, planets.

You feel that you are hovering in space next to a virtual planet hundreds of feet in diameter. Populate it with clouds, crowds, other planets, birds, fish, monkeys, fireworks, anything you can imagine, everywhere you look, vaster in range and  size than any virtual reality or theater system ever, multiplying images and space a thousandfold, miraculously escaping architectural limitation.

Below: Look around you. Look up, look down, look everywhere. Water.

The sky's the limit...  you could even find yourself hovering over a huge globe, the spherical surface of a strange planet pulsating with light... what will you see, what will you do, where will you go?  What will it look like? Sound like?

The System comes with our starting progam. You can just enjoy it immediately just as it is. or you can control it, use it, abuse it, alter it any way you wish!

You can even do better than what we’ve done using the available controls. Or just start your own program from scratch using the sound and visual inventories of our built-in Creative Bank. You can even add what you’ve just accomplished to the Creative Bank. It becomes as vast as our collective memory, our collective vision. Or keep it private... your very own. Make it any way you wish using the imaginative interactive controls.


Be spontaneous, be the Creator, your thoughts and feelings springing from your own desires in Image, Sound, Music. Use the buiilt in data bank as you create, and automatically record and save your distinctive input so that others can come and be part of your experience. inspire others. Revisit your own. 

Or if you like - remember - you can always leave it on Automatic, experience our own Creative Work and just watch, listen, think, amaze... and learn.

Enter.  Create a huge moving planet or celestial body floating in space, surround yourself with stars, anything you might dream of.  In WonderWorlds you take control.  Or if you like, just leave yourself in Automatic Mode and let the universe come to life, expanding everywhere around you all.

Find yourself hovering in space inside WonderWorlds

You are there... and you don’t need glasses.


  is a fully interactive and spatially expanded

  development based on our breakthrough

Kaleidoscope Pavilion at Expo ’67

   Partial views of a few prototyping configurations:

Take the Controls...

Create your own WonderWorlds

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© Morley Markson

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For information on further development of the Kaleidoscope Theatre System in Wonderworlds, contact morlmark@gmail.commailto:morlmark@gmail.comKaleidoscope.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0

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configuration: sp1

config: k2

Put yourself inside a magical forest: look around... look up, look down, look everywhere... there is no end

© Morley Markson

config: c1

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config: k2

A vast machine in motion: look around you... crank it up, change its colours, add sound effects, music. Cook it up, it's yours, and look up, look down, look everywhere... there is no end

© Morley Markson

config: b2

Take the Contols. Inerlocking gears whirling together as one immense clockwork: go backwards, Forwards, sideways, further away, closer, look up, look down, look everywhere... there’s no end. Put it on Automatic. See where it takes you, what it does.

© Morley Markson