Henry Foster (Milton Berle) and Seymour Saltz

(Red buttons) strategize rebellion during Chess

Shelley the show-girl once more.

At Mapleview: Seymour Saltz (Red Buttons) with  Lou Adler (Lou Jacobi) after his stroke.

Shelley lives & loves in the Past  (Dorothy Malone)

Helen Shaver (above) as Miss Beecher the new administrator, all function and efficiency at the expense of liveliness, fun and good food.


Comedy Ruination Rebellion and New Life in the Old Folks' Home

Off Your Rocker.......

Milton Berle, Red Buttons, Lou Jacobi, Dorothy Malone, Helen Shaver, Sean McCann, Sharon Acker, Helen Hughes and ....

The residents of Mapleview Home for the Retired struggle to retain their individuality and joie-de-vivre, collectively rebelling against a new administration that diminishes the richness of their lives for the sake of smooth bureaucratic and bodily functioning, predictability and techno-logical control.

        Good Guy Mr. Adler (Lou Jacobi) loses Mapleview when his gambling debts are taken over by hustler Lou Carman (Sean McCann) who cheats him out of his property. In despair, losing his mind to a devastating stroke, Mr. Adler becomes an inmate in what was his very own Mapleview. He and his old and beloved residents suffer from the new and oppressive regime.  Henry Foster (Milton Berle) and Seymour Saltz (Red Buttons) plot to win the home back and return it to Mr. Adler even as as he is being nursed back to health by the tender  intimacies of ex-showgirl Shelly (Dorothy Malone).  Thanks to a sympathetic, daring and naughty nurse (Sharon Acker) the hustler is black-mailed, the home taken from him, and in a well-plotted revolution, returned to Lou Adler.

Production Development: Morley Markson

a Hal Roach Studios Production,

Producers:Earl A. Glick, Norman Glick

Directed by: Morley Markson and Larry Pall      Screenplay: Sam Joseph & Morley Markson Story by Sam Joseph

The rebel trio defeats the new regime, and Mister Adler (Lou Jacobi) now well, gets back his home.


Directed by

Morley Markson

Larry Pall


Samuel Warren Joseph


Samuel Warren Joseph

Morley Markson


Milton Berle

Red Buttons

Lou Jacobi

Dorothy Malone

Helen Shaver

Sharon Acker

Helen Hughes

Sean McCann

Helen Burns

Paul Kligman

Charles Irvine

Robert O’Ree

Doreen Glick

Michael Ironside

Ted Beattie

Kurt Freund

Sam Moses

Ben Baker

Matilde Calan

E.M. Margolese

Lenore Woodward

Peter Sturgess

Tom Butler

Rosemary Dunsmore

Marion Gilsenan

Mary Swinton

Wally Bondarenko

Alf Humphreys

Pierre Tetrault

Grant Roll

Barry Belchamber

Paul Todd

Michelle Dowell

Daryl Wells

Ken Lemaire

Produced by

Earl A. Glick

Norman Glick

Assoc. Producer

Deanne Judson

Production Development

Morley Markson

Original Music by

Ray Colcord

Srul Irving Glick

Cinematography by

Henri Fiks

Film Editing by

Melvin Shapiro

Richard S. Brummer

Asst. Film Editor

Bruce Perlstein

Art Direction by

Gavin Mitchell

Carmi Gallo

Makeup Department

Sandi Duncan

Jocelyn MacDonald

Hair Sylist

Wardrobe and Styling Cathy Viera

Second Unit Director/Asst. Director

Sherry Cohen

First Assistant Director

Ken Goch

Second Asst. Director

David Hynes

Art Department
Andrew Deskin

Property Master

Set Dresser

Carol Lavoie

Sound Department

Sound Editor

Terry Burke

Sound Recording

Douglas Ganton

Boom Operator

Thomas Hidderly

Supervising Sound Editor

Alban Streeter

Special Effects

Michael Kavanagh

Camera and Electrical Dept.

Roger Bate

Key Grip

Jim Craig

First Assistant Camera
Richard Wincenty


Music Dept.

Music Editor

Kirk Hawkes

Other Crew


Margaret Mclintock


Production Assistant

Sherry Wolfson