Children in the Holocaust

Concentration Camps

Jews as Slave Labour

Spiritual Resistance

Older Anti-Semitica: Jews as Usurers and Devils

Sreicher and Der Sturmer, anti-Jewish Propaganda

Hitler at Peak of his power and mass influence

Jewish Social Leaders slowly turning into Jewish Devils: the last three on the right being Marx, Disraeli, Rathenau

Glorification of Self and Man in the  Nazi image with the Jew as Enemy and Victim

Nazi Patriotism, Youth and Propaganda: the New Man in the making

Defeat of the Nazi Regime

Homecomings after the War

Ongoing German Documentation of their creation

of the Holocaust as it was being perpetrated...

Anti-semitica.  Center: Hitler in pose as Man of Vision, Landsberg Prison, where he wrote Mein Kampf

Hitler in heroic pose as Saviour of the German People at the beginning of his rise to power

From Out of the Depths  Multi-image documentary of the Holocaust

War crimes trials

Documents of Mass Murder


History / Background / Build-up

The War


The Aftermath


Toronto Holocaust Memorial Main Presentation. Automatically operated, thirteen-projector detailed document: 1/2 hour History of the Holocaust wth multiple simultaneous imagery.  Seen by hundreds of thousands, it was designed to be a major part of the educational program to keep alive a sense of connection with the recent past, erupting with the Holocaust and its lessons for all of us.   Now revised, updated and reformatted for programmed operation in high definition digital projection. 


Produced and Directed by Morley Markson. 

Narration: Lorne Greene, Martha Henry.

Script: Dr. Paula Draper.

Music: Composer, Conductor: Srul Irving Glick. 

Orchestra: Boris Brott. 

Research: Morley Markson, Dr. Paula Draper. 

Original 13-projector version technical programming: Holman Studios. 

HD Digital version technical programming: Immersion Studios, Stacey Spiegel, Rodney Hoinkes.

Sound: Claude Deschamps Studios, Scott Campbell, John Carey.

Technical photography, Stephen Epstein.


Originating Committee: Nate Leipciger, Chair.

Bill Glied, Jack Israeli, David Smuschkowitz, Henry Zagdanski.

Founding Committee: Gerda Frieberg, Chair.

Sam Bojman, William Glied, Jerry Granek,  Jack Israeli, Nate Leipciger, Frances Mandell,

David Smuschkowitz, Henry Zagdanski.

Program Committee: Nate Leipciger, Chair. Allan Bardikoff, Paula Draper, Gerda Frieberg,

William Glied, Rookie Green Goldstein, Harold Lass.

Main A/V Feature (From Out of the Depths) Digitizing and Revision Committee:  Nate Leipciger, Chair.    Frank Bialystok, Paula Draper (Script Revision), Gerda Frieberg,  Bill Glied, 

Michael Herman and Elly Gotz, Committee Co-ordinator of Technical Revision.