"My all-time favourite exhibit is near the entrance to the Sky Theater... you walk through a doorway... and suddenly you are 15 feet away from a shifting, kaleidoscopic, red supergiant.  All around you stretch millions of twinkling stars. You look down and see stars, stars, stars, and the sphere of the supergiant curving away from you far, far down in the infinity of space. This is as close to a real spacewalk as you'll probably get.   (Graham Troyer-Joy, 13, published in Chicago Parent, Nov.1999)                               

A small portion of the vast area you see on the “Spacewalk,” the introductory area of the Adler Planetarium.  Note stars to the left, "Supergiant" orb at the right, visitors bottom right. (image enhanced}

A further enhancement of Markson’s Kaleidoscope Theatre System.  Utilizing mirrors, projection, fibre optics, it was designed for the Adler Planetarium by Markson in association with Sears & Russell, Toronto, who acted as project design coordinators.

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Adler Planetarium Chicago: The Space Walk